Submitted The Quiz

…but first I totally did it wrong.



I’m still working on how to get everything pushed up into GitHub. For any potential employers out there not reading my blog – I swear this never happens.


The second time around made a little more sense with what I was working with.

The assignment was to create a quiz about any topic you cared about, and to have RadioButtons, CheckBoxes, and an EditText question. Since I thought just submitting one quiz would be too simple, I decided to have two quizzes (Originally I thought about four, but then thought that was too much). The left column is my finished product and the right was around the time I got a grip on how I wanted the layout to be. I also added support for Japanese language (Shoutout to Mooncake for helping with those. I can’t remember if that screenshot is me butchering the language or Mooncake fixing it for me. Either way, YOTO-you only translate once), and you can even answer questions in Japanese, however I don’t know if people know the kanji for the last question on the Senju side to get it right (I didn’t know myself until I looked it up).

I’m currently in the process of working on the fourth project. It’s funny because it doesn’t even need to work, but I have this issue with not fully understanding Material Design, that I decided to take the Material Design course, so that I can make my not-supposed-to-function Musical app ridiculously good-looking. A lot of the topics float over my head. And a part of me feels like an imposter using some of the more advanced code before I’m supposed to – but fuck it. How else does one learn? Naruto wouldn’t be who he was if he hadn’t stolen the scroll to learn the forbidden 多重影分身の術.


Quiz App

This post was going to include photos (tomorrow’s will) but I decided not to keep my lady up too late with typing it out on my computer. 

I finished the quiz app. There are still minor changes that I want to make, but it does work. It’s amazing seeing it all come together. 

The next things I want to work on are cleaning up the code and making the UI look pretty. I never thought I would need photoshop, but I think it’s the way to go with having sharp images tailored to what you want to see. I’ll likely need to add another program to my adobe subscription, but that’ll be for another day with money I have yet to acquire. 

Speaking of which, I stopped working the other day out of pure frustration. I had been waiting to get paid, and when I finally did, it felt lighter than what we discussed. I knew I should have just created some sort of contract for myself, but I think I either need to move away altogether, or hit this money from another angle. I enjoy problem solving, but doing it for your life with money on the line -well, I understand why people go crazy. 

Instead of work, I took the train out to the city to catch Pokémon. A very silly thing to do, but this is like a bonus holiday weekend, and I can’t let that candy go to waste (I need to raise my Charmander to be big and strong). The first thing I did was scout out a place for poke. I haven’t had poke since I lived in Hawaii. It’s really the only place you can enjoy it. That, and fat ass musubis from Safeway. 

I came across a place called Pokeworks, and it was amazing. Now, if you go there, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference in sizes for their large and regular bowls – but that stuff is delicious. Anyways, I waited in the rain to go in. 

Lines are funny to me. Especially when it’s for something I’ve never had before. 

So, I go in. And service is pretty fast. Then I see what I assume to be the manager take one of the employees aside and tell her to ramp it up. After she handed me my bowls, we shared a look like, “she’s trippin’ right?” and I moved on to my journey to Central Park. 

It was freezing outside. I hate being wet and cold. Now I gotta worry about the bottom of my jeans getting caught under my chucks, and my phone getting wet.  I didn’t stay out for as long as I planned to. 

I made my way back to the train station, and I see a train going in my direction, and I hesitated boarding it. It was probably for a good reason because I ended up helping someone out. She had just flown in from LA, and wanted to find her way to Brooklyn. I’m not that good with the trains myself, but I knew enough to lead her where she needed to go. I ended up being a lifesaver by having my battery pack on me so she could charge her phone (really meant for extended Pokémon play), and we had a cool conversation about living life against the grain (her family warned her about NY being dirty with rude people, when LA is just the same. It’s all the same dirt). I’m generally more interested in staying in my own world when I’m out in public, but it was nice sharing a conversation with a stranger. I think it was also meant to be since we’re both from LA, I had battery juice, and we both took a break from work to do something for ourselves. 

As soon as I got home I started cranking out this app. Do all the questions have translations? Cool. Do the points add up correctly? Cool. Can I commit this to Github? Probably. How do I figure out how to arrange these radio buttons? 

And I probably wouldn’t have done all that if I continued to work for less than what I’m worth. I even knocked out three photo albums. 

Always make time to do you. 

I decided to scrap my initial idea of traveling through multiple activity windows for my Quiz App project. Instead, I’ll still have at least two quizzes the user can choose from, but I’ll keep all of the questions on one page.

I also realized that I can’t go straight to a computer and type out what I want. I’ve got to go to ’06 me, and write it out on graph paper (I don’t think I’ll need colored pencils this time), to help sort my thoughts.

This is pretty interesting though. My problems back then may have only spanned across a class or two, but this time I’m working with two languages, across many different activities. I already have an idea of how I want it to be. I just need to write it out. Then, if it works on paper, it’ll work in the IDE.


So, I had my meeting and it ended sort of the way I thought it would. When I start learning new things, I like to make sure I’m learning the proper way to go about things, before I start taking my own shortcuts and creating my own bad habits. However, programming (in my opinion) in many ways is too open ended to follow a certain rule for every situation. I mean, there are ways you can space things out, line things up, and develop certain naming conventions to make it easier for someone else to follow. But, for the most part you’re stringing things along until they make sense to you. Then later on, as you learn more, you go back and clean things up. Then as the language progresses, you clean it up further. It’s quite frustrating.

…but cool at the same time.

One take away from the meeting was that Carlos told me about Derek Banas. And this guy has tons of material. I was completely blown away. He even had an intro to Android Studio, and the first thing he does is show you how to incorporate GitHub into it. I had been looking for a workflow because I had been developing these programs, but I couldn’t figure out an efficient way to go from Android Studio to Terminal to GitHub. Now that I’ve got it built it, I just make whatever little changes I need, and push it up. He even has a video for passing information between apps (which is something I needed to know for my Quiz App).

People are truly amazing. With the internet, you can literally learn anything you’re curious about for free. I hope to repay these generous folks back, and do the same for those who were like me.

Checkout more from Derek here:

Quiz App

I’m on my third project for Udacity. We basically need to take everything that we’ve learned from the lessons, and generate our own form of a Quiz App. The interesting part is that we don’t know what one looks like, so it really gives our brains a chance to stretch and develop something on our own. I have an idea of what I want mine to look like, but I want to make sure I’m doing it in the most efficient way.

Whenever I do a project, I always look at the next lesson, so I can incorporate new ideas to the app. When I did my first project (Single Screen App), I threw a sound bite in there. When I did my second project (Score Keeper App), I threw in a few Toasts and a character select.



I also figured out how to change the icon at the top (I was really proud of that). And, for the third, we need to create a Quiz. One of the lessons showed us how to create an app with multiple screens, by creating new activities. And initially, I thought that was great, because I could have the open to the quiz, it could switch to a question, and from that question go to another and so on. But my gut told me that’s the wrong way to go about it. Imagine having a quiz with 10 questions. That’s probably at least 11 different activity files, and 11 different xml files. I’m sure there are some apps that need something like that (probably not), but I felt that was a bit excessive for this beginner type app that I’m about to create.

So, being the person that I am. I decided to seek help from one of the Udacity instructors. And tomorrow, we shall see how to go about it in a nice clean way.

(I’m thinking there are going to be fragments involved)


Make Sure You Call Grandma

I really hate talking on the phone. Never liked it. Well, except if you count that period of time when you’re “talking” to someone new and you’re mutually comfortable with cupcaking-silence.

I finally called my Grandma after what probably seemed like a year after seeing her last (which probably was a year), and we agreed on me sending postcards. I will have to leave out some of the fun ones, but I do think this will mean I’ll end up spreading this to other family members that I don’t speak to often – who may or may not remember I exist.

I pulled the trigger

and started myself on the Android Basics Nanodegree. I really wasn’t sure about it, considering my money situation. But, I think back to if I just started a year ago – I’d be done already. This course is spread out far enough that it should end in March, but since I’ve already taken some of free courses, I’ve already submitted one of my projects (don’t worry, I made a completely new app). I really want to finish it before January and start the tougher developer nanodegree, so we’ll see what happens. I figure if I just treat it like a regular class three times a week, I can meet my own deadline.

My first project was based on the “Go Fund Yourself” episode of South Park. Hopefully, my humor shines through my code.

I. Got. Tabs.

Now… I just gotta figure out how to put information in it. If you’re wondering what 竜学生 means, it’s a play on Kanji. (Ryuu)gakusei means (Foreign) Student. But, one way that I liked to play with Japanese, was making up my own words. And, it just so happened that “Ryuu” can also be described by 竜, which means Dragon. It doesn’t sound that cool in English, but as a 留学生, 竜学生 made a huge difference in boosting your esteem.


I don’t have a clue…

of what I’m doing with this project. I do, however, know that I can work with something. I decided to make an app version of my old Japanese travel blog. My plan is to have a switch or something change the theme from how the blog looks to something a little more Purikura-esque. I then want to have tabs for photos and videos. I want to embed a map in there somewhere, but so far I only know how to make a map app (I don’t really know how to make a map app, I know how to read directions on making a map app).

I’m sure most budding programmers had this issue.

I think the best part is that I’m choosing to go through with it. I’ve tried other programs and classes, but something is telling me to move forward with this one.

So here I am…

Eat shit, Tabs.


I’ve been absent

…. for a minute, but I just finished two Android based courses. I’m doing a final project for How to create <anything> in Android. It was essentially a general overview of how menus, maps, lists, and sounds are created in projects. I don’t know what kind of app that I’ll build, but I think I will make use of Git/GitHub since this would be my first app unleashed. It says it’ll only take about 10-15, but we’ll see… We shall see…

What name should I give it…?