I said I was going to write a blog post today as a way to get myself back into the groove of coding regularly again. After the #100DaysOfCode, I took a GitHub hiatus. I still worked on exercises here and there, but nothing to really contribute to the projects that I had worked so hard on, nor the new ones that I wanted to learn how to create.

Last week, however, I figured out that my issue was that I was entirely focused on the end product. I wasn’t giving myself a chance to create crap and fail at the crap. I was trying to create too much beyond my skill, and getting upset that I didn’t have the skill to create the masterpieces that I envisioned.

After a lesson from Dr. Oakley, I decided to break my learning up. MWF I give myself a few hours to work on Android and Python. TTh I head over to the Cybrary. Android takes up the bulk of the time since the advanced concepts need more time to sink in. Python gives my brain somewhat of a break, but still gives me the practice of learning how to problem solve in a new language. And, the lessons from the Cybrary help me with work. There’s actually a class I should be taking in the next couple of weeks (if I plan it out correctly) that involves Python and networks, so I’ll be double dipping.

So, I’m back at it. I probably won’t do a #100Days for a while, but I will be building on much needed habits of learning how to practice.

I’m not sure where the rest of this post is supposed to go, so here’s a tweet for my future self to look back on.




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