I think when I can’t think of a catchy title I’ll leave it as the date.

I woke up today, much like any other day, in a drowsy daze. The Lady and I have been binge watching Mary Jane well into the wee hours of morning, leaving us to get up only a few hours later (I’m totally not a morning person). So, after I get the kid ready, we walk to the school bus and everyone is off on their separate path.

I come home, I look at my latest coding project. I create a new project shell as I like to call it, push it to GitHub, and I start planning things out with a pad and pencil. Today, however, was a bit different. After I did enough to say I coded for the day, I took a walk.

I haven’t listened to music in a while. My iPod is busted. My iPhone(s) barely have enough space to take a picture, and I canceled all of my music subscriptions. CodeNewbie just came out with #124, and I’ve been looking at ways to weave in podcasts to my daily habits. My walk wasn’t too long. Maybe 15-20 minutes. It was to get my car that had been towed the previous morning. The morning before, I hit the snooze on my alarm, and instead of making it in time for the school bus, had to drive to school, only to return to no parking on the street.

It sucked. But, I wasn’t upset. Well, I was a bit upset that I had to cough up $137, but that’s because – who really wants to pay a fine?

I got my car back, drove the mile home (found a legitimate spot), and had just enough time to turn on the news before starting work.

After work, I dropped Marissa off to the school for a meeting, played half a game of 2K with Young Cameron, and then we all went to basketball practice. During practice, I had my pad and pencil, looked at the specs for the News App and starting drawing out what needed to be present to get things right the first time.

I say all of this to say, fit it in where you can. Some days you’ll have hours to yourself to work on projects. Some days you’ll have small chunks of unevenly spaced time. But whatever you do, keep moving forward. Millimeters count.


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