Day 1

I decided to join in on the  challenge. This community coding thing is growing on me. I highly recommend it to anyone out there in the coding world. Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of projects/hobbies you’re into – a group will make it exponentially better. As I work on this, I’ve been trying to work on becoming busier in other areas of my life, so I decided to apply as a Crisis Counselor. I actually found it randomly searching through coding blogs. You really never know what’s out there, and I think it’s all because I decided to go through with my plan to build a game.

Back to #100DaysOfCode – for those that aren’t familiar, instead of going through a bootcamp, I decided to put myself through Udacity’s Android programs. I’m more than halfway through the Android Basics Nanodegree, and I’m learning about threading, networking and JSON. I need to finish and understand the Quake Report App so that I can hurry up and finish the Book Listing App before I leave for my birthday trip.

I don’t quite get how JSON weaves itself into my app, but I’m slowly coming around. It shouldn’t be too long before I figure it out and create the next one. I believe I’ll have a breakthrough tomorrow, and I can solely focus on the search function that I need to implement in the real test.


It’s broken…

~Happy Coding~


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