Submitted The Quiz

…but first I totally did it wrong.



I’m still working on how to get everything pushed up into GitHub. For any potential employers out there not reading my blog – I swear this never happens.


The second time around made a little more sense with what I was working with.

The assignment was to create a quiz about any topic you cared about, and to have RadioButtons, CheckBoxes, and an EditText question. Since I thought just submitting one quiz would be too simple, I decided to have two quizzes (Originally I thought about four, but then thought that was too much). The left column is my finished product and the right was around the time I got a grip on how I wanted the layout to be. I also added support for Japanese language (Shoutout to Mooncake for helping with those. I can’t remember if that screenshot is me butchering the language or Mooncake fixing it for me. Either way, YOTO-you only translate once), and you can even answer questions in Japanese, however I don’t know if people know the kanji for the last question on the Senju side to get it right (I didn’t know myself until I looked it up).

I’m currently in the process of working on the fourth project. It’s funny because it doesn’t even need to work, but I have this issue with not fully understanding Material Design, that I decided to take the Material Design course, so that I can make my not-supposed-to-function Musical app ridiculously good-looking. A lot of the topics float over my head. And a part of me feels like an imposter using some of the more advanced code before I’m supposed to – but fuck it. How else does one learn? Naruto wouldn’t be who he was if he hadn’t stolen the scroll to learn the forbidden 多重影分身の術.


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