So, I had my meeting and it ended sort of the way I thought it would. When I start learning new things, I like to make sure I’m learning the proper way to go about things, before I start taking my own shortcuts and creating my own bad habits. However, programming (in my opinion) in many ways is too open ended to follow a certain rule for every situation. I mean, there are ways you can space things out, line things up, and develop certain naming conventions to make it easier for someone else to follow. But, for the most part you’re stringing things along until they make sense to you. Then later on, as you learn more, you go back and clean things up. Then as the language progresses, you clean it up further. It’s quite frustrating.

…but cool at the same time.

One take away from the meeting was that Carlos told me about Derek Banas. And this guy has tons of material. I was completely blown away. He even had an intro to Android Studio, and the first thing he does is show you how to incorporate GitHub into it. I had been looking for a workflow because I had been developing these programs, but I couldn’t figure out an efficient way to go from Android Studio to Terminal to GitHub. Now that I’ve got it built it, I just make whatever little changes I need, and push it up. He even has a video for passing information between apps (which is something I needed to know for my Quiz App).

People are truly amazing. With the internet, you can literally learn anything you’re curious about for free. I hope to repay these generous folks back, and do the same for those who were like me.

Checkout more from Derek here: http://www.newthinktank.com/


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