Quiz App

I’m on my third project for Udacity. We basically need to take everything that we’ve learned from the lessons, and generate our own form of a Quiz App. The interesting part is that we don’t know what one looks like, so it really gives our brains a chance to stretch and develop something on our own. I have an idea of what I want mine to look like, but I want to make sure I’m doing it in the most efficient way.

Whenever I do a project, I always look at the next lesson, so I can incorporate new ideas to the app. When I did my first project (Single Screen App), I threw a sound bite in there. When I did my second project (Score Keeper App), I threw in a few Toasts and a character select.



I also figured out how to change the icon at the top (I was really proud of that). And, for the third, we need to create a Quiz. One of the lessons showed us how to create an app with multiple screens, by creating new activities. And initially, I thought that was great, because I could have the open to the quiz, it could switch to a question, and from that question go to another and so on. But my gut told me that’s the wrong way to go about it. Imagine having a quiz with 10 questions. That’s probably at least 11 different activity files, and 11 different xml files. I’m sure there are some apps that need something like that (probably not), but I felt that was a bit excessive for this beginner type app that I’m about to create.

So, being the person that I am. I decided to seek help from one of the Udacity instructors. And tomorrow, we shall see how to go about it in a nice clean way.

(I’m thinking there are going to be fragments involved)



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