< 50%

I finished a big chunk of the Summer ’16 photo album. I had taken a bunch of photos at my girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding, and I think things are starting to look legit. The other half are just the other photos I took. Most of them are beach photos, and the rest (I recall) are backyard parties. After I’m done with that album I can work on the photos I took in D.C., and move on to Izzy’s birthday party.

I’m about 86% done with my first Android class. I’ll likely move in sequential order through the rest of the free courses before I enroll myself in the Developer nanodegree. I want to make sure I’m not only prepared, but that I also have a few fun silly programs I can play with.

As I work on these photos, I should probably start posting more regularly to Instagram. My problem is that I don’t like too many photos from the same event to appear, so the only way around that is to shoot more… but I got shooter’s anxiety, lol.


Also, I may start watching One Piece again. I think I let it go enough episodes.


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