I. Got. Tabs.

Now… I just gotta figure out how to put information in it. If you’re wondering what 竜学生 means, it’s a play on Kanji. (Ryuu)gakusei means (Foreign) Student. But, one way that I liked to play with Japanese, was making up my own words. And, it just so happened that “Ryuu” can also be described by 竜, which means Dragon. It doesn’t sound that cool in English, but as a 留学生, 竜学生 made a huge difference in boosting your esteem.



I don’t have a clue…

of what I’m doing with this project. I do, however, know that I can work with something. I decided to make an app version of my old Japanese travel blog. My plan is to have a switch or something change the theme from how the blog looks to something a little more Purikura-esque. I then want to have tabs for photos and videos. I want to embed a map in there somewhere, but so far I only know how to make a map app (I don’t really know how to make a map app, I know how to read directions on making a map app).

I’m sure most budding programmers had this issue.

I think the best part is that I’m choosing to go through with it. I’ve tried other programs and classes, but something is telling me to move forward with this one.

So here I am…

Eat shit, Tabs.


I’ve been absent

…. for a minute, but I just finished two Android based courses. I’m doing a final project for How to create <anything> in Android. It was essentially a general overview of how menus, maps, lists, and sounds are created in projects. I don’t know what kind of app that I’ll build, but I think I will make use of Git/GitHub since this would be my first app unleashed. It says it’ll only take about 10-15, but we’ll see… We shall see…

What name should I give it…?

< 50%

I finished a big chunk of the Summer ’16 photo album. I had taken a bunch of photos at my girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding, and I think things are starting to look legit. The other half are just the other photos I took. Most of them are beach photos, and the rest (I recall) are backyard parties. After I’m done with that album I can work on the photos I took in D.C., and move on to Izzy’s birthday party.

I’m about 86% done with my first Android class. I’ll likely move in sequential order through the rest of the free courses before I enroll myself in the Developer nanodegree. I want to make sure I’m not only prepared, but that I also have a few fun silly programs I can play with.

As I work on these photos, I should probably start posting more regularly to Instagram. My problem is that I don’t like too many photos from the same event to appear, so the only way around that is to shoot more… but I got shooter’s anxiety, lol.


Also, I may start watching One Piece again. I think I let it go enough episodes.


So, while I was taking the Git & GitHub class on Udacity, they had a section where we needed to fix code in a game, or at least be able to identify the mistakes created in it. Now that I’m done with it, I plan on upgrading it (since my initial motivation was to create a mobile game). My first task is to see how to create a menu/button/whatever for difficulty. From there, I’ll need to see what easy or hard looks like. I imagine adding more or less asteroids would help, but there’s a lot that can go on to sway it one way or another.

I’m also trying to visualize what difficult looks like in code form. Like, do I create new methods for hard and easy, or can I mold existing ones to turn up the heat when the player asks for it?

I also want to upgrade the look for the ship. I think we can do better than a blue triangle.