Happy Birthday

I took a short break these past few days from Ruby Warrior to try an actual course. I’ve actually done this before with Udacity, but never managed to stay beyond the first few videos. I’m not sure why I did it, but I looked into the Android Development for Beginners and it’s pretty dope. I think this may also lead me into really learning Java, versus that bullshit I was pulling before with half-assing it on HackerRank problems (which were/are fun, btw).

Right now I’m learning about XML (Extensible Markup Language), and I just made this birthday card.


My next task is to create another card with my own design and what not. I have a feeling the background is going to be Kanye, but we’ll see what happens.

According to the course, it should take me about 4 weeks, based on a 6-hour work week. However, since I’ve been cut down to 20 hours of work-work, I think I’ll knock it out much sooner than that, and may even move onto Android Developer after a few other classes. I know I definitely need to learn how to use GitHub. I have an account, but you know, being noobish an all can be rough.

This is pretty exciting.


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