I was on iTunes U following Mark Sobkowicz’s Intro to Programming class and everything was going well until I had to install Gosu. I think things became more difficult when I realized (and read up on) that I couldn’t use it with RubyMine. So, since I’m a noob with Terminal, I took a day or so and took Zed’s Command Line Crash Course so that I could learn learn how to navigate with bash.

…fast forward a few days

I went back to the Gosu page, and my eyes found the “OS X users see here” part and all of a sudden it installs. It really pays to read, folks.

Back at iTunes U, I was learning how to make a simple pong game. He just started you off with a window, then a ball, then a paddle. Then, you learn how to draw the ball and the paddle. And then, you learn how to make the ball move. It was really taking a problem and breaking it up into smaller doable methods, and now I have a working game.

I plan to change up the icons a bit. Maybe I’ll make the ball a face that changes in direction when hits the paddle.


Son Gosu

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