I think I’m getting ahead of myself trying to do some of these problems. The problem is that I’m not allowing myself to go back to ’06 Java Lab Terence.

So, when I took my first Java class, I was probably in my less studious period. And, on top of that, I was having dumb computer issues (before I learned how to fix things for myself). Needless to say, I had to take the class again. The cool part though, was that the next time it was held, Mr. Farrell had decided to start a weekend lab class. We’d basically come in with programs – some from homework, screw them up and pass them onto the next student. I was putting in work. I had a study group. I wrote all of my programs on paper first before going to the computer ([all in colored pencil] It was to remind me of how it looked in JCreator), and I would think of ways to create infinite loops that would stump everyone else. And, I found that by fixing code, I was able to understand it better than if I just wrote/typed it out correctly the first time. The funny thing is I ended up getting so good that I stopped showing up. I passed the legit class with an A, but the lab with a B because of attendance, smh.

Anyways… ’06 Terence was about redemption. ’16 Terence is looking for balance and stability. Now that I’ve been working remotely, I’ve been taking time to really introduce myself to new skills, and to really just learn.

I’m thankful that resources like Command Line Crash Course exist. I think just making it a habit of listening to CodeNewbie podcasts keeps me moving forward and willing to fail more often. I actually participated in CodeNewbie’s twitter chat tonight. The real shame is that I was thinking about updating my account a long time ago so I took all of my photos off but I never put anything up to replace it. I’m an egg with protected tweets. Someone is definitely going to reach out to me. Even this blog has the default photo of an abandoned barn.

Why am I acting like I don’t take photos? I know I have something I can put up.

Speaking of which, Lisa is finally going to check out the Bridal Shower photos I did. I think a few came out too warm – and that really bothers me. Overall I think they’re decent photos. I feel like Matt & Trey after pushing out a South Park episode and thinking it’s shit. Then the audience falls in love with it, and they’re back in the conference room hashing out new ideas.

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea to make my postcards a monthly thing. I also had this absurd challenge in my head to send out 365 by the end of this year. I think I’m at 10 right now.


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