Wiggle Your Big Toe

A long time ago I thought it would have been a great idea to get enrolled into one of these coding schools to pickup new skills and possibly a new job. Now that I’ve got this irregular employment thing going on, I find this to be a great opportunity to work on App Academy’s sample exercises and work my way up to learning Ruby – and hopefully into one of their programs.

A decade ago I did about a year and a half of Java (I really never thought 10 years could seem so short but so far away), and figured that I could pick it back up but it’s like my mind is paralyzed. I don’t know what it is, but programming wise I feel like I can’t think – and thinking is all I do! Lol. Smh.

I’m working on one program right now and it’s literally “take this string and print it out backwards”. I actually made something that works, but it doesn’t fit inside their method. My program takes a user’s input, count’s backwards from the amount of characters and prints them out in that order. They need something that accepts a value, and returns the backwards version. I think what I need to do is add each character backwards to a variable.


That photo is a mix of me trying to make something that doesn’t make sense, make sense. My own while loop is somewhere hiding past line 44.

I’m sure the solution will hit me and I’ll realize how silly I was for taking so long.

One thing that has been helping me out are the CodeNewbie podcasts. Just listening to people talk about their experiences gives me hope that I won’t suck for as long as I put in the work. My goal is to be able to teach this Cameron. He’s got a crazy imagination, and if he got to the point to where he could create games for himself, who knows how he’ll turn out.

But, for now, I just need to wiggle my big toe.

(Thirteen hours later)


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