I’m editing the bridal shower photos I took last weekend. I think they look cool so far, I’m just worried about them having a consistent temperature and brightness.

It’s funny. Before Amber taught me about shooting with Kelvin, I had no idea my shots were blue. It was like I needed to redo years of photos because my eyes were awakened. It’s definitely the same feeling I had after watching a video that talked about removing chromatic aberrations and enabling profile corrections.

After watching Paul Taggart shoot, I feel like I should focus more on designing the story. I normally would shoot, and then post the photos in order. In my mind that seemed the most logical. But, as I remove unessary photos and cut and cut, it’s really up to me to set the tone for the history I’m documenting.

It’s a great feeling to see progress through photos. If I can work on my timing and getting over the anxiety of taking photos in public, I might be on to something.


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