So, I moved to New York to be with my girlfriend. I figured I’ve been here long enough to start documenting my progress through life. I had a Tumblr, but it’s really only good for food porn, memes, and I guess, real porn. (jk)


As I work on the self, I think it’s important that I place a particular focus on photography, coding, and Japanese. I think I’ve started something big for myself by turning my photographs into postcards (however, I didn’t realize the post office would mark all over them). My coding skills are nonexistent. There is a small opportunity for me to figure something out with my current work situation, but I think I won’t even recognize the error to help them out. I want to get myself into App Academy and find myself a new profession. And lastly, I need to work on my Japanese. My initial goal was to learn how to talk shit, but that didn’t work out so well. I had learned the alphabet and basic sentence structure, but then I went to Japan and I felt like I went backwards. I mean, people were speaking Japanese to me, but I had no luck in being creative with it. I think you had to speak English natively and Japanese as a second language to get my jokes. It was pretty disheartening.

Anyways, I’ve lived a long time avoiding responsibility and I’m working on unlearning those bad habits. It’s sucked, but it’s about time I woke up.


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