This is going to be the last lesson of the class. I’m quite surprised I stuck with it so long. Next I’ll head back to the Intro to Android development (they made a point about learning Git/GitHub after a few coffee beans – and if it’s a standard then it only helps me to learn it now so I don’t need to be trained in it as much later on).



I had created a post a while ago (it’s in my drafts now) that talked about how I discovered Free Code Camp, and a few other resources for creating webpages and games with Android. 

I just completed my first project on FCC which was creating a simple webpage with a clickable link. I decided to make a tribute to Huey Newton. Truthfully, it’s probably far from what I want to do, but it’s a small step towards creating dope sites. 

I was looking at all of the Pens on CodePen, and I found a lot of SVGs, so I figured I could learn about it and incorporate it in my portfolio website project. 

I wish I had started this a long time ago. I mean, I don’t know a lot, but it’s fun picking up new things. I think earlier in the year (really longer than that) I was focused on getting my CCNA, but I didn’t have a Cisco environment to work in. That wasn’t too big of a problem because things can be virtualized but I know that I don’t retain anything unless I’m actively using it. I need the hands on. 

Maybe I should invest in a few vocational classes. I’ve always been a fan of electricity…

A lot of this has been about learning to program, but taking photos is definitely a hobby I want to explore more. Just the other day I saw Spook started printing and selling his photographs, and I thought to myself, “I need to work on Summer ’16”.

Happy Birthday

I took a short break these past few days from Ruby Warrior to try an actual course. I’ve actually done this before with Udacity, but never managed to stay beyond the first few videos. I’m not sure why I did it, but I looked into the Android Development for Beginners and it’s pretty dope. I think this may also lead me into really learning Java, versus that bullshit I was pulling before with half-assing it on HackerRank problems (which were/are fun, btw).

Right now I’m learning about XML (Extensible Markup Language), and I just made this birthday card.


My next task is to create another card with my own design and what not. I have a feeling the background is going to be Kanye, but we’ll see what happens.

According to the course, it should take me about 4 weeks, based on a 6-hour work week. However, since I’ve been cut down to 20 hours of work-work, I think I’ll knock it out much sooner than that, and may even move onto Android Developer after a few other classes. I know I definitely need to learn how to use GitHub. I have an account, but you know, being noobish an all can be rough.

This is pretty exciting.

I’m sure this looks like shit

…but it got me pass Level 4 & 5!

class Player

  @health = true

  def play_turn(warrior)
  if warrior.feel.enemy?
  elsif @health == false
    if >= 20
      @health = true
    if < 8 
    end #embedded if
  end #if
  end #play_turn method

  def rest_up(warrior)!
      @health = false
  end #rest_up

end #class
but seriously… play this game: Ruby Warrior

Son Gosu


I was on iTunes U following Mark Sobkowicz’s Intro to Programming class and everything was going well until I had to install Gosu. I think things became more difficult when I realized (and read up on) that I couldn’t use it with RubyMine. So, since I’m a noob with Terminal, I took a day or so and took Zed’s Command Line Crash Course so that I could learn learn how to navigate with bash.

…fast forward a few days

I went back to the Gosu page, and my eyes found the “OS X users see here” part and all of a sudden it installs. It really pays to read, folks.

Back at iTunes U, I was learning how to make a simple pong game. He just started you off with a window, then a ball, then a paddle. Then, you learn how to draw the ball and the paddle. And then, you learn how to make the ball move. It was really taking a problem and breaking it up into smaller doable methods, and now I have a working game.

I plan to change up the icons a bit. Maybe I’ll make the ball a face that changes in direction when hits the paddle.

Fool Me 3x

I applied for a photographer assistant job on Craigslist yesterday. Living monthly on savings is killing me – especially when you’re actually working but not getting paid regularly. I thought I cut a deal, but the signs are showing me that I’m wasting my time. 

There’s still an opportunity to make an impact for everyone else, but I need to go back to the drawing board for myself. 

Photography is fun. Learning to program satisfies my need to solve problems. There’s something out here. 


I think I’m getting ahead of myself trying to do some of these problems. The problem is that I’m not allowing myself to go back to ’06 Java Lab Terence.

So, when I took my first Java class, I was probably in my less studious period. And, on top of that, I was having dumb computer issues (before I learned how to fix things for myself). Needless to say, I had to take the class again. The cool part though, was that the next time it was held, Mr. Farrell had decided to start a weekend lab class. We’d basically come in with programs – some from homework, screw them up and pass them onto the next student. I was putting in work. I had a study group. I wrote all of my programs on paper first before going to the computer ([all in colored pencil] It was to remind me of how it looked in JCreator), and I would think of ways to create infinite loops that would stump everyone else. And, I found that by fixing code, I was able to understand it better than if I just wrote/typed it out correctly the first time. The funny thing is I ended up getting so good that I stopped showing up. I passed the legit class with an A, but the lab with a B because of attendance, smh.

Anyways… ’06 Terence was about redemption. ’16 Terence is looking for balance and stability. Now that I’ve been working remotely, I’ve been taking time to really introduce myself to new skills, and to really just learn.

I’m thankful that resources like Command Line Crash Course exist. I think just making it a habit of listening to CodeNewbie podcasts keeps me moving forward and willing to fail more often. I actually participated in CodeNewbie’s twitter chat tonight. The real shame is that I was thinking about updating my account a long time ago so I took all of my photos off but I never put anything up to replace it. I’m an egg with protected tweets. Someone is definitely going to reach out to me. Even this blog has the default photo of an abandoned barn.

Why am I acting like I don’t take photos? I know I have something I can put up.

Speaking of which, Lisa is finally going to check out the Bridal Shower photos I did. I think a few came out too warm – and that really bothers me. Overall I think they’re decent photos. I feel like Matt & Trey after pushing out a South Park episode and thinking it’s shit. Then the audience falls in love with it, and they’re back in the conference room hashing out new ideas.

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea to make my postcards a monthly thing. I also had this absurd challenge in my head to send out 365 by the end of this year. I think I’m at 10 right now.